Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New England Vacay

No matter how wonderful the vacation, it is always such a relief to come home. To get back to your own bed and to step back into a routine. 

Especially when you've been gone all but two weekends all summer.

But regardless of the gradual intensity of my need and appreciation for home while I'm away, I still crave the exploration and adventure of a getaway. Even if it's just a quick jaunt to a neighboring town or a day trip to see friends.

A couple weeks ago, we finally ended our summer travel ventures with a bang, {with the exception of recently committing to going on two more quick weekend trips} as we took Lyla on her second visit to our home away from home - Rhode Island.

Oh my, how traveling with a toddler looks so different from traveling with an infant. Both stages bring their own set of challenges, but traveling with a toddler is like anticipating the potential for the catastrophe that may or may not occur after a bomb threat. There's lots of breath holding and ridiculous entertainment antics.

But quite honestly, we were pleasantly surprised. Especially under the circumstances: 8 hours of travel; including two flights, a two hour layover and a one hour drive; all in the middle of the night; with a child who doesn't sleep while traveling. We only had one meltdown. Though completely warranted, the melt-down had me sweating bullets and on my knees praying that the plane would just open up and spit me out into the dark, night sky. Where it was safe. Without a screaming toddler and death glares from those who were trying to sleep as it was 1:30 in the morning.

But you know something? My poor *almost* two year old wanted to sleep too. She just couldn't. And after 20 minutes of body contortions, kicking, screaming, and crying, she finally looked at Gabe and I with tears in her eyes and begged "HELP PLEASE". And then she passed out. Right on my pregnant belly. For the last 15 minutes of the flight.

And then we did not have one more outburst or toddler tantrum the rest of the entire trip or flight home. She was a perfect angel. I guess she got it completely out of her system.

Which made this just the kind of trip we needed. We got to see old friends, meet new babies, spend time at the beach and the lake, ate a sinful amount of New England fare, and visited every one of our favorite local places (including the best coffee shops in the country).

It was the perfect "last getaway" for our family of three.

We got to soak up lots of quality family time. The kind of time that you just don't get at home during the hubbub of everyday.

 Our most favorite coffee shop of all time. 

And a whole lot of friend time...{This is what we would call a baby boom}.

 So weird she's the awkward big kid photo bomb. :(

I've never seen Ly so obsessed with a little. She still wakes up asking for "Baaaby Emma"

Jamestown, Rhode Island

Despite a day where the wind resembled that of Kansas and the ocean water dropped to subarctic temperatures, we still managed to have a delightful day at the beach. I was also reminded how I much prefer Pacific beaches...however a beach is still a beach. And no beach day would be complete without lobster rolls and clam cakes.

We hit up some of our favorite local spots and restaurants. And can I just say? I'm not sure I've ever, ever been to a place with cuisine as fabulous as that in RI. Who knew, right? 

I'd say it was love at first sip for Lyla and Del's Lemonade.

And just so Ly could have more water time, we got to spend the day at our friends' who live right on a private lake.

Hard to believe we will add family member #4 to the annual New England vacay next year.

And we can only hope the next one is a fantastic car/plane sleeper. {Please babe #2, I beg of you.}

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like the trip was a success! It also looks like she liked the beach more this time