Friday, June 27, 2014

Bumpdate on Babe #2

Oh, I think it's about that time for another bump date. 

And on that note, I'm hoping to do much better in other areas with Baby #2 in terms of keeping up with storing memories like I did with big sis, Lyla. Because so far, I have a horrible track record already with blogging and tracking the happenings during my pregnancy in general. 

Too tired. Too "busy". Working, chasing around a toddler when I'm not working, and traveling on the weekends for the past 2 months {boo-hoo, I know}. 

One thing I'm not doing? Working on a nursery that is currently serving as a storage room or transitioning Lyla to her big girl bed. Oh, and not working on the whole potty training thing, which would be the goal before baby #2 arrives. We obviously have lofty aspirations around here. But at the rate we're going, we'll be lucky if the crib gets moved to the nursery. 

But let's get on with some pregnancy #2 tidbits, shall we? 

- I still can't get over the fact that I no longer have morning sickness. I was robbed of any joys of my first pregnancy due to being sick for 7 solid months. The funny part about it was that I felt amazing in my last trimester, in the thick of sweaty, swollen, August. With this pregnancy, however, my morning sickness went away at the 14 week mark. It's so strange to be pregnant not hurled over praying for some relief. Thank you, Lord!

- On that note, the nausea may be long-gone, but respiratory issues have decided to take over that particular vacancy. I have had more than one breakdown {that I am not proud of} over the sickness in our house this season. Lyla has been sick in two week increments since JANUARY, with the evil culprits being colds, stomach bug, sinus infection, and ear infections. And an allergic reaction to antibiotics for good measure. Her pediatrician {and Google} assure me that it's common for toddlers to catch 8-10 viruses in their first year of daycare. Well, we're somewhere around 10. And unfortunately, with me being pregnant and all of my immunity going to babe #2, I'm catching everything Lyla gets. With the inability to get proper rest to recover. So, I haven't been able to enjoy pregnancy like I'd hoped...yet again. Boo. *Except of course in the healthy moments. I feel on top of the world!*

- This baby may only be 23 weeks old, but I have felt it more in the past few weeks than I ever did with Lyla the entire time I was pregnant with her. Doctors would usually look at me with concerned eyes when I told them I would go weeks without feeling her. My mom says I was the same way in utero - she rarely felt me kick. Oh, but this babe is a little mover and groover. Just all over the place. And I'm so in love. 

- I've noticed two things have happened significantly sooner than last time I was preg: I've gained weight quicker and my belly popped much sooner with this one, and I'm experiencing symptoms that never reared their ugly heads until third trimester. I've already got heartburn, I'm sleeping with a body pillow, I've got some joint and muscle aches, and I've felt a few Braxton Hicks already. It's too soon for these things! 

- I'm actually starting to *gasp* be ok with my body. I don't know, it's something about my belly getting rounder, that really makes me feel pregnant. And I kind it. Not all the time, but some of the time. I get so mad at myself that I'm not a chick who loves pregnancy - it definitely does not make me feel beautiful. How can it when I'm either fatigued, dry heaving, gaining weight in places {other than my belly} at a rapid pace, or experiencing just about every pregnancy symptom written about in Jenny Mcarthy's Belly Laughs? But because this will be my last pregnancy, I am really trying to take it all in and savor the sweet moments. Ones that I'll never experience again. Because as much as I really did not like being pregnant with Lyla, I missed it the moment she was born. I'm sure I'll doubly feel that pain when this babe makes its debut. Ironic, huh?

- I had a little pregnancy "incident" last week. I've felt dizzy on and off throughout both of my pregnancies. Very normal, especially for second trimester when all your blood heads straight toward the placenta. And on a normal, non-pregnant day, I can often get dizzy or feel light-headed thanks to low blood pressure. Well. I was at work last week, feeling a bit queasy in the morning. My co-workers started talking about blood, stitches, and trauma when I couldn't take it anymore. I felt really hot and went to sit next to the air conditioning. A co-worker asked if I was alright {knowing that I am never, ever, ever hot}, and I said I was fine. We got into a conversation to keep my mind off the queasy, when I cut her off and told her I needed to go to the back of the office because I didn't want to cause a scene if I passed out. Luckily she followed me, because the last thing I remember is asking her to grab me a bag of pretzels...when suddenly I went down and she caught me and laid me on the floor. There I was, pregnant and passed out cold. Apparently I was out for over 2 minutes. I awoke to a co-worker shaking me and yelling my name and paramedics with all their equipment, stretcher included. Oy. After I fully came-to, I refused to go to the hospital and Gabe took me to my regular OBGYN instead. I simply had low blood pressure (lower than my normal low), low blood sugar, and a heart rate that apparently marathon runners would kill for. Doc told me to eat more protein throughout the day and to immediately lie down on my left side if I feel dizzy...rather than standing up to walk away because I feel embarrassed. 

Well. Embarrassed I was. 

- This pregnancy is absolutely flying by at a hare pace. It could be the fact that we've been gone every single weekend, or it could be that we have a toddler and everyday life to keep up with. All I know is that October will be here before we know it, and I have never felt so unprepared for anything. Ever. {And by golly, it feels kind of good}. 

- Speaking of being unprepared, I'm not quite sure what to do if Babe #2 is a boy. Which I'm fairly confident it is. Not because of any particular feeling, simply because I picture Lyla with a baby brother. I picture little boy Chucks and a mini Gabe rough and tumbling around the house. Oh, but a baby sister would be quite the sweet surprise as well! But this whole not-finding-out thing is just so fun. It doesn't seem to be too fun for anyone else in our lives, but we sure are enjoying the guessing game! However, if it is a boy, we have absolutely nothing. Not one boy thing. Yikes. 

Well, here's to hoping for a bout of health and feeling good over the next few months. 

Sigh. The things our body endures when we're carrying our wee ones. Totally and completely worth every bit of it, of course. 

You hear that, babe #2? You're worth it!


MommyMandy Musings said...

You look fabulous!! Glad your sickness went away. Hope you can enjoy the rest of the pregnancy!

Shoshanah said...

We're not finding out either, which I think is the way to go. But I think it's a bit silly how many people care so strongly about this decision. In some ways I can understand my in-laws wanting to know. But don't really understand why it's so important for my co-workers to. Either way, I do think it's the best decision for us, and I can't wait till December when our baby arrives, and we find out the gender!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh wow! It sounds like you've definitely been having some interesting days. I'm glad you were ok and didn't get hurt when you passed out.

Dixie Bell Designs said...

Awww so sorry you passed out!! I nearly passed out during my last bloodwork appt and it was terrible! Now I am paranoid it is going to happen again and clearly I have a few more preggo bloodwork sessions coming up! Ugh!

Tommy Hopkins said...

Awww! I'm glad that you and the baby are doing fine. Although I really think you should relax. Seriously. Don't stress yourself too much. Continue to eat the proper food and take a lot of rest. Try to stay cool always as well, especially now that it's summmer. Just always make sure to be beside the AC most of the time. Haha! Have a healthy and safe pregnancy!

Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp