Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh hey. It's me.

Oh heyyy.

Just me.

No biggie.

Trying to think back to the last time I've ever been this spotty in blogging.


And I HATE that I begin every single blog I write with something about "sorry it's been awhile", or "many I'm sure busy". Grr.

So obnoxious.

I'm just not sure I'm ever going to be able to catch my breath! And I know I'm not the only one. I feel like everyone in my life is just beyond busy. Is it going to be like this forever? And we don't even have kiddos yet - SHEESH!

Just wanted to let you know that I am still alive. Sort of.

Trying to get through my first parent-teacher conference experience. I keep telling myself things will slow down "next month". I've been saying that for about 5 months now. I really think it will though...

But I do have the world's BEST hubs. I found this little gem hanging out in my teacher bag - just begging me to hydrate myself and prepare for all of my talking with full days of teaching and then parent conferences at night. So sweet. Love him.

How is YOUR life? Do you feel like you don't even have time to think?


Leigh said...

I definitely know that feeling! Just feels like the to-do list doesn't get any shorter. But that is super cute of your husband :)

simplysarah said...

Don't apologize! it's your first year teaching and youre in school too! life is crazy, get rest when you can and just enjoy the whirlwine youre in now because it means you're making things happen. and most of all dont forget to make time for yourself :)

ginny ellis said...

LOVE the Holiday Galleria post-it! Hope to see you soon!