Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Heart

I'm usually a pretty happy little lady.

You know a glass-is-usually-half-full kinda gal.
Puppies and rainbows.
Glitter and jellybeans.

Can't help it.
I love me some life.

And then there are those particularly happy moments in life where my heart feels like it truly might BURST right through my chest from JOY.

Last weekend, for example.
I couldn't stop smiling.
Beaming, really.

I got to see some of my very dearest childhood friends.
We go way back to the kindergarten days.
You know, when we accidentally peed in the sand at recess.
Wait, was that only me?

You get the point.
I have been friends with these gals for a looong time.

And although we all live all over the entire country/world,
it is pure JOY when we all get together.
Non-stop chatting.
Catching up.
I seriously can't even catch my breath
when we're all in the same room.

So, we had the pleasure of showering a soon-to-be-mama and
a soon-to-be-bride with plenty of fun showers and celebrations.

It was amazing.
And I am SO blessed.
I may or may not be secretly praying/devising
a plan for every single one of them to move back home.
You know, just so the fun never ends.

Hooray for bursting hearts!

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