Friday, April 1, 2011

The little joys

Happy Friday!!!!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's already Friday and I've only blogged once this week. Annnnd I've developed a terrible pattern of scattered blog posts...I apologize. What can I say? Mi life is a crazy.

But, I digress.

Mr. Ruby and I have been married for almost 5 years now (holy cow), and we've moved five times across the country. In all the places we've lived, we never bought a house. We never really felt settled, in terms of living in and calling a place home. We've always had the mind set of "Oh, we'll just do/buy/fix/organize that when we buy a house." We kept thinking, "We'll get something we like when we have a house..." In fact, we never even had bedroom curtains in our last apartment...and we ended up staying there for THREE years!

Well my friends, now we're settled. We have a home of our own. And it is really starting to feel like home. It's such an exciting, uplifting feeling. I even get butterflies every time I drive up to our new little house.

Yes, we may have a trash can for a makeshift drain for our washing machine. And yes, our bathroom looks like the Caribbean Sea puked all over (I didn't know I could hate teal so much). And yes, the countertops, bathroom vanities, and shelves were apparently made for either children or really short people (they are SO low).

But all of these things can be fixed. And it has so much potential. And there is so much we want to do with it. And it is OUR home.

So, I'd like to take a little walk back to our closing day. It's hard to believe it was nearly 3 weeks ago. But it was SUCH an exciting day. It felt kind of like a much smaller version of our wedding day, in terms of excitement. And, we have wonderful friends and family who came to celebrate with us!

Take a reminiscent walk with me.



undomestic chica said...

Awwww Congrats! It's always nice to feel like you finally belong doesn't it?

Leigh said...

It's such an amazing feeling to have a place to call your own! Hope you have a great weekend :)

AbbyS. said...

congrats!! super cute pics.

Zac Green said...

GABE YOU DID WELL WITH THAT TRINITY CHICK!!! Im a bit jealous of you brother!

Love you both!

The Shabby Princess said...

YAY!!! So exciting! We were the same way--we never felt settled even though we lived in our last rental house for THREE YEARS--it still wasn't "ours". Congratulations! Can't wait to see more pictures!