Friday, April 22, 2011

Hi. I'm Awkward.

I like to consider myself a people-person.

I'm outgoing. And don't meet a stranger.

But in certain situations, I am known to get mega-awkward. Mega.

Take, for example, my desperation for a job driving me to go against every grain in my body and try to aggressively sell myself on why I am the best teacher candidate.

Two days ago, I realized that with this whole job-hunt thing, I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands. Get uncomfortable. Step out of the ol' comfort zone.

So, I feverishly worked until really late one night perfecting my resume, cover letters, and teaching portfolio.

And I decided I was going to march right into some schools, ask to speak to the principal, and tell them they they should totally hire me (With a little more tact, obviously). I imagined they would be so impressed, they would invite me in their office, beg for more information about me, and tell me that I had an interview the next day.

Um. Definitely didn't play out that way.

Because I'm awkward, remember?

So, I get all dolled up, drive out to the middle of nowhere, and walk into the school. Let's just say, I walked in, asked for the principal, introduced myself (portfolio in hand), and said "Hi. I'm interested in working at your school. I've heard great things. K-thanks-for-your-time." And I exited portfolio in hand 5 seconds later.

I got nervous. And bolted.

Needless to say, I haven't gotten a phone call.


This is exactly why I never went into sales.

And, I did much better with the others schools I went into. I was a bit more prepared.

Anyway. I still take the crown for Queen of Awkward.

P.S. HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY! So thankful and humbled to have someone who loves us so unconditionally that he would send his son to die for us!!!!


Meghan said...

That is such a great picture:)

Tickled Pink said...

That picture cracks me up. Love it! Happy Easter, girl!

The Shabby Princess said...

OMG, this is exactly why I could not ever do sales ever! I'm such a dork I would just freak out and run the other way. I'm pretty sure if you're the queen of awkward, I'm the duchess. Or something.