Friday, September 17, 2010

Little vacation from vacation

Ok. So, I'm taking a little break from blogging about our most awesome trip to Cali.

Don't worry, I'll continue our little vaca next week. ;)

But, I'd like to enter the weekend with a little self deprecation.

As mentioned before, I totally had a most-mortifying moment whilst vacationing. We're talking major-town embarrassing.

So, we were at this hip, trendy bar in Huntington beach drinking some brewskies outside. My friend Lynne and I were joking about how we looked completely out of place: no designer shoes/handbags, no continual makeup re-touches in the bathroom, no fake boobs etc. etc. And we also came to the point blank realization that we are officially over the club scene. (Not dancing...just clubbing. BIG difference.)

Anyways...we went inside to use the bathroom. We had to squeeze our way through bumping and grinding and obscenely loud music. Ugh. Over it. While entering the bathroom, there were three girls with their Christian Louboutins and Marc Jacobs handbags applying, what looked to be, a third coat of makeup. Their conversation to each other went a little something like this, "OMG, you're looking like totally pale. You could use some bronzer." and "Like, you totally look so skinny right now." You get the point.

Well, about an hour later, I had to use the bathroom again. Darn bladder.

This time, I went by myself. No protection. Just me, alone, entering the den of lions.

So, I went into one of the two stalls in the way-too-crammed-teeny-tiny bathroom. As I was mid-stream, I heard two more girls enter the bathroom. I looked up, saw heels coming toward my stall, and was suddenly panic stricken. I realized my door wasn't fully locked, AND I was mid-stream, AND it was impossible to reach the door because the toilet was so far back.

Then it happened.

A girl came BARGING into my stall.

Again, as previously mentioned, I was mid-stream.

I screamed.

The girl screamed.

Then left.

With me, my open stall door, and my vulnerable exposure for the whole world to see. And crippled by my inability to quit mid-stream.

I screamed, "Umm, can somebody PLEASE shut the door for me?!?!"

No one moved. Out of all 5 that were standing there staring at me in shock.

I do not lie.

I screamed again, "Are you serious? Can someone please help me?!?!?"

Finally, after what seemed to be 4 and a half hours, a girl shut the door for me.

After finishing my business, I exited the stall with dignity and confidence, and said, "Well gee, that was embarrassing." I washed my hands and left.

As I went back to my group of friends to tell them the story, all they could say was, "Of course that would happen to you."


SarahAnn said...

I LOVE that you put those girls in their places and asked until one of them helped you out!!

Mrs. Lopez said...

Oh no that sounds horrible!!!!!

kendrasue said...

I can't believe no one would close the door...but I will say I'm in the same boat with you in mortifying situations. I was at a melodrama LAST NIGHT and I was in a stall and someone came in and turned off the lights. They didn't even ask if anyone was in there. And they obviously didn't check for feet because mine were planted on the floor! I had to finish and then when I went out to wash my hands I turned on the lights. Horrible!