Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Full of Spice

Monday is almost over...which means we're that much closer to FRIDAY!

Love me some Friday.

We had a great weekend by starting it off with a proper birthday celebration for a good friend with MEXICAN food! My all-time fave.

The best part of the night? Four of us decided to create our own "contest" with the restaurant's special "Can You Take the Heat" menu. We asked the waitress to bring out the hottest item on the menu. It was a little burrito that was rated "steam-coming-out-of-your-ears hot & spicy".


She brought out the mini burrito, and we decided whoever drank water or ate any other food, including rice or chips...was the LOSER. We cut the little thin into quarters, and chowed down.

The boys immediately started complaining, sweating, and tearing up. I, however, stood strong.

Then it hit.

I mean, we are talking fire. Like, the roof of my mouth began to develop immediate canker sores. No lie. My lips? Felt like someone lit a match and spread it all over my lips.

The more I breathed, the hotter it got.

But I refused to give in.

Finally. One man down. He threw his hands in the air and said, "I give up" and chugged some water.

There I was. Needing a fire extinguisher or an ambulance, refusing to give up.

So, Mr. Ruby, Birthday Boy, and I all called a truce. We were starving and ready to eat. So, it was a three-way tie.

My mouth is still scorched.

Saturday was a nice, relaxing one with Mr. Ruby. We decided to go see Avatar.


I mean, really. So breathtaking. Words can't even describe.

I HATE anything and everything dealing with aliens, science fiction, or space.

But now, I want to be a member of the Na'vi tribe. I'd even settle to be in a James Cameron film.


We finished off the night by getting comfy and watching the Cowboys game.

I was in the kitchen studying for awhile, when I looked over at Mr. Ruby.

This is what I saw:

Guess someone likes my Snuggie after all ??? :)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Go you! I can't handle anything spicy! Love the picture of him in the snuggie!

LauraAnn said...

What a fun weekend! I especially love the contest you came up with. And way to stand strong!

I LOVE spicey food so maybe next time we go out to eat we will try this. :-)