Sunday, January 17, 2010

At the current moment...

I'm craving:

Mexican Food

What else?

I'm dreaming about:

Our upcoming cruise

Nassau, St. Thomas, & St. Martin - Here we come!

I'm thankful for:

Mr. Ruby

How could I not be thankful for that cute face?

I'm missing:


I know, I know. But there really is SO much to miss!


My Christmas fix just wasn't enough


Including college gals and hometown pals :(

I'm proud of myself for:

Eating healthy

In my fridge: pomegranate seeds, lots of veggies & lean protein

I'm dreading:

Hassle of travel

Yep. My travels start next week. Ugh.

I can't wait for:

Dear John

Out next weekend - hope it's as good as the book

I'm excited:

To reveal a secret in upcoming weeks

It's probably not what you're thinking ;)


Freck said...

Great post. So jealous you're cruising soon :) Can't wait to hear the secret!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Such a good post and I can't wait to hear about your secret.

Mrs. Bear said...

Can't wait for your secret =0) Mr Bear and I were JUST talking about how we wish we were going on a cruise sometime soon... so jealous!

Rachael said...

i think I know you're secret!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

So jealous of that cruise!!

LauraAnn said...

After seeing the picture of the Mexican food I am now craving Mexican too! haha

Very jealous of your cruise!!!! You guys will have a wonderful time!

Are you sure that you have to wait a week before you can share your secret?!? You are leaving me in suspense!

Ashley said...

1. I'm always craving Mexican food. Going to eat Mexican tonight, I think. Haha!

2. Sooo super jealous of your cruise. I was just telling the husband last night that we need to plan another exotic vacation in the future. I love having something so exciting to look forward to!

3. Surprise? Of course, since I'm about to pop one out (too graphic?), my mind shoots straight to baby. Baby?!? That would be an awesome surprise! And for the next 9 months I'll do to you what you have been doing to me ~ putting enticing pictures of ice cold beer on my blog. Haha! ;) Boy, I can't wait for that first beer!! I have a feeling one is all I'll be able to handle!