Monday, January 27, 2014

Spring Tease

I've never come across a flirty tease quite like spring.

I can just feel the warm sunshine and gentle breeze thinking about it.
Probably because we caught a glimpse this weekend.
Only to be completely cold-shouldered this morning.
Waking up to a brutal 16°.

Rude, Spring. Rude.

Although, I guess it is only January 27th.

But still.

I even took the day off work. Granted, it was to give my sick Beans lots of extra snuggles. But a little bit of sunshine wouldn't have hurt. Thankfully, the doctor was able to squeeze us in because Little Miss has a sinus and an ear infection. There is absolutely nothing more pathetic than a goopy-eyed, coughing toddler. Nothing, I tell you. Although I can't really complain. I'd say we dodged *several* bullets, seeing that Lyla is 17 months old and just now receiving her first antibiotic.

So in "light" of all the gloom that surrounds us today, I'm going to focus on cheerful! on fun! on bright! And what better way to bring on the cheer than to do a little virtual spring shopping for my toddler while she naps.

I would hardly call myself fashionable. However, I sure would say I like dressing my kid. My own child has a wardrobe I would eat worms for. I can't help it. Have you seen all the spring goodness lately? Oh my Heavens.

Although I have to remember my goal for the year. I'm really, really, really trying to focus on being intentional in all that I do - especially with money. So for now, I have a lot of things in my online shopping carts. But I'm trying to space out my shopping, wait for sales, and just wait in general (rather than being click-happy with every fun thing I see).

If I had to choose one adjective to describe myself, it would definitely be excitable. And if you know me at all, you know it really doesn't take a lot. That being said, sometimes I just get so *excited* that I can be a bit impulsive. Yes, I'm an impulsive planner. And a walking contradiction. Anyway. I'm trying to be more level headed and tame my shopping excitement. So, my rule of thumb is if I leave something in my cart and still love it a week later, then it's probably a good purchase.

And I'm a creature of habit. So I tend to stalk my go-to stores for most of Ly's clothes while I wait for sales. And I rarely buy something if it's not on sale. It has to be absolutely spectacular for it to not be. {Thank you, GapCard and Target CartWheel}!!! And I also give myself pep talks on why it's ok for my toddler to have a better wardrobe than her mom. Rather than focus on the fact that she will wear these clothes for about 1/85 of her life. But goodness gracious, you only live once.

So here are a few little diddies that are currently in my cart{s}.
And I'm going to be really good.
We'll see if they're still there next week. ;)

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