Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Local Challenge: Stearman Field

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.
But this girl is finding it quite delightful.

I can't help but be positively jolly this time of year.
And it's not just the anticipation of our upcoming Christmas movie all-nighters or our annual cookie-decorating marathon.
I actually like winter.
Or at least I don't mind it.
{Until about February 1st, that is. When it's time to bust out the mint skinnies and boat shoes.}

But winter definitely has its place.
I love me some big chunky sweaters, morning coffee in fuzzy jammies and slippers, and hearty "comfort soups" in the crockpot  at least three nights a week.
And I love that winter has a way of nudging me to embrace my inner-homebody and allow me some time to hibernate on the couch with my pups and endless episodes of Revenge on Netflix.

It admittedly helps that my super-hubby put up insulating plastic on our 60 year old kitchen windows. 
It no longer feels like I'm walking into the North Pole every time I load the dishwasher. 
So, I can enjoy the comfort of my warm home while it's chill-to-the-bone arctic temps outside. 

However, winter's harsh winds and dreary mornings do make it a bit more difficult to get out as much. 
Thus presenting a bit of a challenge for Gabe and I to fulfill our Local Challenge, where we committed to getting out and trying new local things at least twice a month. 

We've actually done pretty well so far. 
And we have a few things on our list to really get us in the Christmas spirit in the upcoming weeks. 

But I'd like to highlight a little gem of a place that we visited awhile back. 
A place that is absolutely perfect for a casual lunch after church with the fam or a celebration of sorts on the patio {a patio that has some hefty heaters for winter too}. 
We went with friends to Stearman Field in Benton, KS, where you can fly in or drive in

What an absolute treasure of a place!
I have no idea how I grew up only 20 minutes away and never visited Stearman Field.
Seriously, how? 
It's a tiny little airpark lined with beautiful homes, each with an extra garage.
*The extra garage being a place to park personal airplanes, of course.*
And you get to watch the takeoffs and landings of these planes up close and personal while you munch on fried pickles and sip on Boulevard Wheat. 
How cool is that? 
The kiddies absolutely LOVED it.
And there's even a nice little playground if the planes don't strike your fancy {or your super girly toddler's fancy *ahem*}. 
We had such a great time. The service was great, and the food was quite delish as well. 

This would be such a fun casual date or a nice get-together with friends. 
Can't wait to go back in the spring!!


Rachel said...

1. I LOVE visiting Stearman!
2. Be super careful going down the slide with your little love--I know too many kids (including my own) who have been seriously injured that way!

Daniel Efosa Uyi said...

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Keep it up.