Thursday, August 16, 2012

Le Nursery

Wait. I'm having a baby?

No. Seriously. I have been so CONSUMED with the first week of school that I seriously forget I should be focused on bringing our little lady into the world.

It's funny. Three teachers yesterday came into my room after school to say how exhausted/how much their feet and backs hurt after the first day. And I'm pretty sure every one of my teacher friends posted on FB that they were going to bed by 8:00 because they were so exhausted.

Then they realized they were preaching to a pretty large choir. ;)

I'm not kidding. Teaching is THE most exhausting job I've ever had. You are on-the-go for a consecutive 7 hours. With of course a 15 minute lunch break in there! No down time whatsoever. I usually pee twice a day! Not exactly conducive to being 9 and a half months preggo.

But I seriously LOVE it. I have the best class ever. I have an awesome para. And I'm so excited to be back in the grind of things.

Hence why I haven't had much time to think about le babe.

And how she could arrive at any moment.

But let's be honest. I'm kind of glad I'm so busy so I can keep my mind busy. And keep myself from going crazy. I feel fine. I'm sleeping through the night. And even though I'm dilated to a 2 and 70% effaced, the girl is SO high. I'm not letting myself get caught up on my August 29th due date. I'm just telling myself she is coming late.

I think Labor Day would be appropriate.

And in the midst of my crazy current life state, I realized something today.

I STILL haven't shared nursery pics.


Honestly, the nursery was an ever-evolving labor of love. I had the hardest time focusing on what I wanted: a theme or no theme? lots of color or neutral? classic or shabby chic? Too many choices!

So in the end, we just kind of started with one side of the room and ended up with something sweet, girly, and simple.

It's perfect for our baby Lyla.

My absolute favorite piece in the nursery: The changing table. We bought a dingy, old dresser on craigslist and then painted it an antique pink and replaced the knobs. Super easy...and exactly what I wanted.

Gabe's sweet bookshelves. He did such an awesome job. Love, love, love them. And, I'm OBSESSED with our daughter's current library situation. The girl's going to love reading as much as I do...I just KNOW it!

We needed a lamp. Couldn't find one I liked for the life of me. So, I bought a cheap, basic, white lamp at Target. Went to Hobby Lobby for some fun materials and paint. Love how it turned out. :)

I may be a teacher, but I'm definitely not crafty. But I'm pretty happy with how my "L" and elephant painting turned out. Oh, and I found an old ceramic elephant in our basement and spray painted it white. Currently loving elephants.

The closet is finally organized. Sad and quite surprised at how little clothes she has. :( I realized mama needs to do some SHOPPING!!!

So there you have it. The nursery. It's pretty much the new family hang out spot. And Lyla isn't even here yet...


Leigh said...

Love her nursery especially the curtains the elephant painting :) I love that it's not over the top with pink either :) I'd love to send you a little something to help fill the closet...would just need your address :)

Crystal Seed said...

So So super cute!!! You did an amazing job with everything!!! That little Lyla is going to love her room!

Ashley said...

Love what you have done!! The book shelves are amazing!!

I also love the curtains on the closet!!!

I think Lyla will love her new room!!!

Shoshanah said...

The nursery is adorable! And I love her bookshelf! The whole reading corner could easily be something out of a magazine.

Jessica said...

Love the nursery! Neutral but girly :) And don't worry that you don't have as much clothes as you'd like...I had the same concern when I was 9 months pregnant! It seemed so vital to have a stocked closet, but honestly unless we are going somewhere or I want a photo shoot, the basic white onesies are just fine, especially considering everytime we get dressed it seems to be the perfect time to spit up ;)

Kendra said...

Yay! So cute! And message me your address too! I would love to get Ms. Lyla something spectacular. Especially since I can only buy stupid boy clothes! ;)

Carolyn said...

It's SO CUTE! I love all the pale pink and white accents! AND I love the touch of elephants... SO CUTE! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the nursery! So soft and pretty! Bless you for teaching while so pregnant too!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I think it turned out so pretty and cute!