Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful for my homies

My dad will randomly remind me of a story from when I was little.

And we like to talk about it's sweet irony.

Apparently when I was 3 years old, I went up to my dad and told him that I really wanted friends. When he asked what I meant, I just told him that I wanted LOTS OF FRIENDS.

Yes. I was a little social butterfly even at 3.

Some things really don't change.

But we will always talk about this little story and how my prayers came true as I have been abundantly blessed with so many amazing friends.

I say all this because I have a group of friends from home who have made a tremendous impact on my life. And even though we are scattered all over the world, we always manage to find time every year to see one another. And it's like we've never skipped a beat. I've known most of them since we were five years old. FIVE! These relationships are some of my most special and are ones that I will always treasure.

A few weeks ago, one of us got married. It was one of the most lovely weddings I've ever been to: outdoors, at the home where she grew up, wildflowers, country chic decor, and beautiful colors. And she didn't let it bother her one bit that the skies decided to open up and POUR just before the ceremony began.

It was still beautiful. And of course good luck! ;)

But everything about the day was very intimate and special. I was so happy to be a part of it. And I was once again reminded how lucky I am to have those friends I wished for back when I was a young tot.

Rehearsal Dinner:

Big Day:


Mrs. Bear said...

Looks like an awesome wedding! I'd love to see the professional pictures.

My dad loves to bring up stories about myself as well... however, they include me crying about my "swiends" that I didn't really have, haha.

lauren @ our big fat farm wedding: crazy ever after said...

So I quite randomly came across your blog today after Googling the words, "thanks mom for life" (the title of my most recent blog post). Googling those words brought me to an image you posted on your blog that said, "Nobody cares about your blog." I told you. Completely random. But I am glad I clicked over. This post reminds me a lot of my wedding, that also took place on the farm I grew up on. And for what it's worth...I care about your blog. ;)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh I love the look of the wedding!!! Glad you've got such great friends!