Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Success

" Then we sat on the edge of the earth with our feet dangling over the side...and marveled that we had found each other."

- Erik Dillard

That is the beautiful quote painted on the unique picture frame Mr. Ruby gave me for our anniversary. The frame was painted by a local artist and found at my favorite adorable shop downtown - we LOVE supporting the local artists!

And the hubs wrote me a letter to go along with my gift. In good Mr. Ruby Fashion, it was on random scratch paper and written in pencil. My, oh my, It's been awhile since he's written me a letter. That used to be the only form of communication we had for months at a time while he served overseas. That time (thank the Lord) is over...but I wouldn't mind some handwritten letters every now and then.

So there I was, sobbing in the middle of the restaurant - in good Mrs. Ruby Fashion.

The rest of the weekend was just as fantastic.

Friday night was pretty low key and spent with FAB pals downtown. Of course we dined al fresco, considering the weather has been sheer perfection. Then, we topped off the night by walking around and finding an ice cream joint. I kept finding myself saying, "This is what summer is all about!" (No really, one stranger much to my surprise even said, "I totally agree!!!"

And yesterday, we went for a nice looong bike ride on one of our favorite bike paths. Right along the water.

Oh, and finally, we rescued a dog. Can't help it. We have a severe problem (runs in both of our families). We just go rescuing things. We found this little guy running frantically through the we put him in our car, and now we're trying to hunt down the owner. Although little Samson has gotten quite attached...uh oh.

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend. Oh, and thanks for the incredibly nice comments on my anniversary post!!! :)

Say a little prayer for Lucky...still trying to find his owners.


Ink Obsession Designs said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! :)

We are the same way with rescues. We always manage to find lost dogs and go on a hunt to find their owners. I hope you find his owner soon!

Mrs. Lopez said...

Glad you had a great anniversary weekend. Hope you find Lucky's owner soon!

Krista said...

Great pics! Happy Anniversary! Put Lucky on Craigs List under the Lost & Found section. My brother's dog got out once and that is how he found him! Good luck finding his home:)

SarahAnn said...

What a beautiful, perfect weekend and anniversary. I absolutely adore that quote. In fact, I've been making a list of quotes to use on the wall in our bedroom, and that is definitely making the list.

Carolyn @ life, love and puppy prints said...

Lucky is such a cute little guy! Hopefully you can find his home!! Or give him a new one! HAHA :)

Rachael said...

your sushi looks yummy! i was actually craving some this weekend - and now my craving is back!

CBC said...

What a great quote! I've got goosebumps (sounds like someone else I know!) good work Mr. Ruby!!

and seriously, I LOVE that dog. SO cute. I hope that his owners are found, but if not, I hope you guys will keep him!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, love the anniversary pics!

Kassie said...

Glad you had such a great anniversary weekend! Congrats. :)