Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weiner Wednesday

Our little weiner made another weiner friend last week. 

Meet Tiny:

Tiny is a $1,400 miniature dachshund. For $1,400, she must either be solid gold or have the ability to fly. But I digress...

Ever since Tiny & Samson met, Tiny comes by our house every night looking for him. She just can't get enough of him (or the smell of his rear end - seriously, she sniffs that thing like it's made of peanut butter doggie treats). Her little tail wags every time she walks by our house. They have a newfound friendship!

Don't worry though, Sienna is still Samson's #1 Best Friend. It's just that Tiny is another little weiner...and Samson just loves other weiners. 

Call me silly, but this whole concept got me thinking about friendships. Cheese? Yes, I'm full of cheese. Can't help it. 

Friendship has always been the foundation of my existence. My dad told me that when I was little, he asked me what the most important thing in the world was to me, and I said "Making friends". 

I was 4 years old. And I think I was onto something...

Ever since that moment, it became my mission in life to meet so many different types of people...and to befriend almost everyone I came into contact with. Ok, so I soon realized that was quite impossible. However, I began my journey of creating life-lasting friendships. 

I can honestly say that every phase of life that I've experienced, I have built strong friendships. So strong, that I keep in touch with many friends from each phase of life. It's so amazing to look back and think about each friendship, and why God brought those particular friends into my life. 

I have my VERY best friends from back home. I began these friendships in kindergarten at age 5. Now, twenty years later, those friendships are still going strong...even though each of us are all over the entire country. 

Then came good ol' college. I made some of the most wonderful friendships in college. I have nothing but memories that make me smile from my college days with pals. In fact, I still keep in touch with a group of sorority sisters...and everytime I'm with them, I feel like life hasn't skipped a beat. These girls will be my friends for life.

Everywhere Mr. Ruby and I have lived (California, Dallas, Rhode Island) - we've met WONDERFUL people. We have made some serious friendships, and I'm so thankful for every single one. Especially here in Little Rhody. We always have something fun to do, and I seem to laugh hysterically at least 15 times a day when I'm with our friends. 

I'm at a phase of life now, where I am friends with my parents. No more asking for money. No more getting grounded for not making the bed (yes, I used to get grounded for this). No more being told to get my homework done. Now, we just talk about life. We laugh. We cry. We talk about the future. I love this newfound friendship with my parents. 

And of course, the most important friendship of all: My HUSBAND! I am a firm believer in starting any relationship with a friendship. Ok, ok. I know, here comes the cheese again. But...Mr. Ruby and I were best friends in high school. Yeah, the platonic kind. But something just clicked one day. And we were crazy in love. BUT, that friendship foundation is completely what makes our relationship so strong...and so darn amazing. He is my best friend in the entire world. I can't imagine life without him...or our friendship. :)

Hopefully you made it through my gaggy post. I can't help it. I'm a sap. And I LOVE friendships!!!!


Ashley said...

oh my goodness, i can't believe tiny cost $1400, crazy!! and i can't get over how cute your puppies are!

kels said...

i tagged you for a game! :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw! Your wiener dog is so cute! I thought about getting one but someone told me they can be mean. Is that true?

amy said...

Ah, the things we do (read: pay!) for these dogs. Mine weren't that much, but they did ring up a pretty hefty tab...