Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Too Tired Weiner Wednesday

I'm exhausted.

I have zero energy.

I want to go to bed right now, and it is 8:52 p.m.

I'm too pooped to poop.

So, you'll have to forgive this lousy post.

For Weiner Wednesday I give you my real-life weiner: Samson.

This is my lil' guy when we first brought him home.


This is Sams and his little star - let's just say he had quite the "attraction" to his star...we got him neutered shortly after.


My big boy all grown up - all 10 lbs. of him :)



Oh, and thanks SO much for all the good luck wishes for my presentation this morning. I definitely NAILED it! It felt so good to be finished...although I thought I was going to pass out afterward from all the adrenaline swishing in my head. I know that seems a bit dramatic, but I DID have to present it in front of our top executives in a big amphitheater...with a MICROPHONE! Ahh! So thanks again for the kind words.

I PROMISE to be a better blogger and update all my awards/tags tomorrow. I've been so busy and so TIRED. But, I'm going to get a good night sleep tonight to prepare for my long night of blogging tomorrow. :)


Jordan said...

They're so cute!
I'm glad you did good with your presentation!!

Sassy and Classy Southern Mrs. said...

Samson is very cute! I'm sure he's not spoiled at all! ;)

Mandy Rose said...

How cute is Samson! Loving him!!

Mrs. Cup said...

Yay!! I'm so glad it went well!!

AG said...

SO CUTE! I actually said "awww" out loud. :)

Jaded Jill said...

what a handsome little guy!

glad all went well for you!

Lindsey said...

So glad your presentation went well!

Rachel said...

Too cute; I just want to cuddle up!

Jules said...

Samson is so cute! I am so glad your presentation went well. I am finally catching up and missed your original post.

Sweet Simplicity said...

Samson is such a cutie!! He is a long weiner dog. Nuts is really long too.

Globetrottingbride said...

Samson is just too cute! I am dying for a dog! And, congrats on your presentation!!!

closeup said...

cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!! :)

Ashley said...

Congratulations on your presentation. We knew you'd do great!

Love your little Samson. So cute!

Allison said...

Oh, so cute! Seriously, I can't get over how cute Samson is :)

And congrats on your presentation, I'm so glad you nailed it!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Aw, even though you were tired it was still an adorable post! I mean - all you have to do is post a pic of the little guys and I'm sold!