Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lately : The Girls

So the chaos and the ridiculously overflowing plate has carried over into 2016. I had a feeling it might, and that's exactly why I set personal intentions instead of resolutions this year. So I don't set myself up for failure. 

But I am committed, as much as humanly possible, to document these sweet babes of mine and these precious and lightening-speed little years.

LYLA LATELY (3 years) :

Lyla is such an oldest child in every way, always taking care of her little sis while at the same time wearing her favorite pair of bossy pants. And it has been so fun to watch her develop and grow into 50% me and 50% Gabe. She's particular, can't stand when things are out of order, and is the biggest rule follower I've ever met (besides myself and my mom). We get a lot of correction lately, "Hey Dad, did you wash that apple? and "No, I'm not cute, I'm Lyla Green" and "NO! I can't have a banana until after I poop because it will hurt my tummy." But then on the flip side, she's never in a rush (at a painful measure), can't stand mornings, and often asks for quiet time or "a little rest".

Just like her dad.

And though two years was quite difficult with potty training and a new baby, three years has its own sets of challenges. (Though I much prefer over age two). But the tantrums, the constant negotiations, the emotions - all sky high, and I often find myself asking if this is real life. While at the same exact time, she says the sweetest things, and I want to bottle every ounce of her up.

Some recent Lyla-isms include :

- I'm the wine weader. - while putting her hands on her back and walking around the house, pushing Addie (and everyone else) out of the way to move to "the front of the line". Even on the way to the kitchen or bathroom. 

- Ok, I'll snuggle myself. - overheard after GiGi told her that her extra long period of snuggle time was over and it was time for her nap.

- Mom. What are you eating? Oh! I like pancakes/ketchup/(whatever it is I'm eating). Literally, anything I'm eating, she is quite enthusiastic over. 

- *yells from bathroom* HEY MOM. Can you come get Addie and shut the door? I need my private seat (privacy)." Already prepping us all for the teenage years. 

- I dropped my candy cane yesterday. Actually, I dropped it...hmm...two weeks ago. (it was actually earlier that day). Her little concept of time is so hilariously cute. Everything is either before or after nap or before or after lunch. 

- Can I wear my "Ballet : Tuesdays and Thursdays" shirt? referencing her favorite shirt that actually says "Ballet : All Day Everyday."

- She and Gabe have a new ritual after dinner - cracking and eating nuts. She can name every one. 

- *While making the "shh" face* Mom! I'm on the phone with my work. (HA! I guess she gets this a lot). 

ADALINE LATELY (14 Months) : 

Sweet Addie Bug is at that sweet, attached to mom, learning-explosion stage, but she complains a lot, has been really fussy and is desperate to be held all day. I think a lot of it comes from the fact that she's had 4 molars coming in for the last month, and she can't figure out how to tell us what she wants which INFURIATES her.

But there are so many fun things I want to remember about this stage : 

- She's *sort of* walking! A whole month earlier than her big sis, but she's still wobbly and tends to drop to her knees to crawl to get where she needs to go much faster. 

- This kid practically has a full set of teeth. And they have been making her miserable. Hoping we get a break from these nasty molars soon. 

- Praise JESUS I have a snuggler. She gives the sweetest cuddles and dives right into your face when you ask for "nuzzles". And she loves rubbing foreheads and lays her head on the shoulder of anyone who holds her. I mean, I'm dead.

- This little lady is our dare devil who is curious about everything and has the bruises all over her body to prove it. And there is nothing she refuses to climb - chairs, the couch, the window sill - anything that she can climb on, she does and will. 

- This socialite butterfly loves to show off her huge grin while saying Hi to everyone she sees. Then she waves "bye" when it's time for bed, or all done, or we're leaving.

- She knows how to whine and complain and throw tantrums already. She has quite the temper and gets so angry when she points to something and we don't get it for her RIGHTNOW. But then she's happy as can be when you finally give her what she wants - like her toothbrush, so she can brush like mom and big sis. 

- She's obsessed with playing with my eyelashes.

- She loves to clap, sing, and dance - pretty much loves all things music. And she swings her legs back and forth when Gabe dances with her.

- She L-O-V-E-S putting things away like "the big kids" and claps for herself.

- She has a signature high pitched "mmm" (with an inflection like she's asking a question) and points to anything she wants - books or food or things she wants us to name or get for her.

No matter how nuts life is, these times are the absolute best! Now if only I could slow down for 3 seconds to savor them.

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